Your generous donations are pivotal in maintaining our child nutrition education and empowerment programs. Each gift you provide brings us one step closer to meeting our vision for the community.

A world in which every individual is empowered to make healthful food choices for generations to come.

Since 1995, Our Daily Bread CACFP has been a source of information, resources and financial help for child care providers. Our training and reimbursement programs have made it possible for thousands of child care providers to provide fresh, nutritious and well balanced meals to children in our communities. In addition to ensuring that every child has access to daily nutritious meals, Our Daily Bread CACFP also provides start-up gardens with all of the needed supplies and resources to maintain a raised bed garden. In staying true to our mission:

To educate, empower, and inspire children, caregivers, and communities to make healthy food choices by providing nutrition education and resources.

Our garden program, Taking Root Together serves as a source of empowerment for Tennessee and Kentucky child care providers and families. We believe that building a stronger bond between people and their food fosters a life-long connection between food, nutrition and how it affects our overall well-being. Your gifts will solely be used to fund our two primary programs.