Taking Root Together aims to influence positive food choices in children by bringing gardening opportunities to childcare settings & homes. Our mission is to empower young people and inspire healthy food choices in the children of Tennessee and Kentucky.

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Childcare providers have a unique opportunity to help lower the obesity rates of children. Many childcare providers feed children two or more meals a day. If given the resources, childcare providers can model and inspire healthy food choices in children.

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Taking Root Together is focused on improving children’s food choices by bringing gardening opportunities to childcare settings and families. The primary goal is to empower young people and inspire healthy food choices in the children of Tennessee and Kentucky. Taking Root Together  aims to:

  • Increase consumption of fruits & vegetables
  • Make children more comfortable with trying new fruits and vegetables
  • Increase access to healthy food resources and garden-education material
  • Reconnect children with the source of raw foods
  • Prepare preschoolers for K-12, Farm to School activities

Taking Root Together provides gardening supplies and educational resources to area childcare providers and families who fit certain eligibility criteria. Our staff installs a raised garden bed, fills it with nutrient rich top soil then sows the seeds that will produce nutritious fruits and vegetables for years to come. In addition, gardening tools and equipment are provided with a garden to fork themed preschool curriculum that helps reinforce the gardening concepts with young children.

Taking Root Tennessee in currently partnered with over 35 area childcare homes and centers in the State of Tennessee. In order to be eligible for the program, participants must meet 5 eligibility requirements.

  1. CACFP Participant (Child & Adult Care Food Program)
    Child care sites must serve nutritious meals credible under the Child & Adult Care Food Program guidelines.
  2. Physical Space
    Minimum, 24 square foot plot on semi-flat ground
  3. Home Owner/Permission
    Proof of ownership or have agreement on file with home owner/community development organization
  4. Geographic
    Located in State of Tennessee or Kentucky
  5. Income (Child Care Homes Only)
    Have children living in your home who qualify for Free and Reduced Price School Meals under the National School Lunch Program.

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Henderson Family Magazine Article - June 2022

Henderson Family Magazine

Taking Root as a Little Gardener
Henderson Family Magazine

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Keidy C.
Thank you for your support through this learning experience. The kids talk about the garden at home and are excited to come and see it everyday. We are so happy. This experience has changed our lives forever.
Jessica K.
Taking root has been an awesome experience, not only for my daycare kiddos, but for myself as well. I appreciate Our Daily Bread helping with the funding of feeding my babies! The garden has been great at teaching the kiddos what we can grow and eat. We get so excited when we see things start to bloom. I think I get the most excited and I can't wait for next year! It will be BIGGER and BETTER! Thanks Our Daily Bread CACFP!

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